The following events of interest to the group are coming up in the next week:

  • GRAPPA Journal Club

    Time: 19/03/201813:30 - 14:30

    Location: C4.174, Science Park 904, Amsterdam

    Description: Weekly GRAPPA journal club. Papers can be posted here.

  • GRAPPA/API Colloquium: Ue-Li Pen

    Time: 21/03/201811:00 - 12:00

    Location: C4.174, Science Park 904, Amsterdam

    Title: VLBI scintillometry

    Abstract: Natural radio plasma lenses provide a new tool set for direct measurement of small scale structure of pulsar and FRB emission. VLBI allows a direct map of the lens geometry and properties. I present recent results on the crab pulsar PSR B0834+06, black widow PSR B1957+20 and FRB1105023, and new proposals for the nature of the enigmatic plasma lenses which are likely related to extreme scattering events.

  • Cosmology Journal Club

    Time: 22/03/201811:00 - 12:00

    Location: C4.278, Science Park 904, Amsterdam

    Description: Weekly cosmology journal club. Papers can be posted here.

  • API Lunch Talk: Eleanor Spring

    Time: 22/03/201812:00 - 13:00

    Location: TBA, Science Park 904, Amsterdam

    Title: Press Officers & Other Animals

    Abstract: What actually is a press office? What's an embargo? What happens if you (accidentally or not) break an embargo? What's a PIO? How do press offices manage international science teams and a medley of language and cultural barriers? And why do we actually need press officers and how can you locate one if you do?
    We're all aware of science communication, but maybe not of the logistical ins and outs of how a press office actually works. Until I worked in ESO's outreach department, I had virtually no idea of the process of how scientific discoveries actually get relayed to the public and I spent a good chunk of my first month there trying to work out the answers to these questions on the fly. I was working there during the build up to the Proxima b paper release – including the leak to "Der Spiegel" two weeks prior to the press conference. I got a (not always inspiring) insight into what it takes to get a paper good press coverage and the difficulties of keeping both scientists and journalists happy. If you're interested in science communication, the press, getting your work into the press or just a medley of anecdotes and the occasional cartoon then you mind find something to interest you.

  • Nikhef Seminar: Lauren Pearce

    Time: 22/03/201816:00 - 17:00

    Location: H331, Nikhef, Science Park 105, Amsterdam

    Title: Phenomenology of Fermion Production During Inflation

    Abstract: While the production of bosons during inflation has received substantial attention, the production of fermions has often been neglected. Fermions can be produced via a derivative coupling in axion inflation and can source primordial perturbations in the inflaton via their backreaction. I will discuss recent calculations of this contribution to the CMB power spectrum and non-Gaussianity, with the remarkable result that there is a regime in which the effect of the fermions gives a dominant contribution to the power spectrum without violating non-Gaussianity limits.

  • Dutch Holography Meeting

    Time: 23/03/201813:30 - 18:00

    Location: Turingzaal, CWI, Science Park 123, Amsterdam

    Brief schedule:
    – Tea & Coffee
    – 14:00 - 15:15: Jared Kaplan (JHU): Exact Bulk Operators and the Fate of Locality
    – Coffee
    – 15:45 - 17:00: Aurelio Romero-Bermudez (Leiden): Disentangling the Spacetime Behind the Horizon
    – Borrel (at Polder)

    More details including abstracts can be found on the D-ITP website.

A complete list of events can be found in our calendar.