The following events of interest to the group are coming up in the next week:

  • GRAPPA Seminar: Anastasia Fialkov

    Time: 25/03/201911:00 - 12:00

    Location: G3.02, Science Park 904, Amsterdam

    Title: Evaluating Cosmic Dawn

    Abstract: Cosmic dawn is one of the least-explored epochs in the history of the Universe illuminated by the very first stars and black holes. One of the potentially powerful probes of cosmic dawn is the predicted 21cm signal of neutral intergalactic hydrogen. The 21cm signal is tied to the intensity of radiation generated by the first sources of light, and, thus, can be used to constrain the process of primordial star and black hole formation as well as reionization. In my talk, I will first discuss observational constraints on this epoch (redshifts z~6-14) established using global 21cm experiments. Pioneering radio experiments such as EDGES High-Band and SARAS2 deliver data which are capable of disfavoring large sections of the high-redshift astrophysical parameter space. I will also discuss combined constraints with high-redshift quasars and Lyman-Break Galaxies. Finally, I will comment on the claimed discovery of the 21cm signal from z~17 made with the EDGES Low-Band antenna.

  • Joint GRAPPA+Cosmo Journal Club

    Time: 25/03/201913:30 - 14:30

    Location: C4.174, Science Park 904, Amsterdam

    Description: Monthly joint GRAPPA+Cosmo journal club. Papers can be posted here. Lunch is provided.

  • Cosmology Journal Club

    Time: 28/03/201911:00 - 12:00

    Location: C4.278, Science Park 904, Amsterdam

    Description: Weekly cosmology journal club. Papers can be posted here.

  • Joint Dutch Holography/Quantum and Topological Matter Meeting

    Time: 29/03/201913:30 - 18:00

    Location: C0.110, Science Park 904, Amsterdam

    Brief schedule:
    ̣– Tea & Coffee
    ̣– 14:00 - 15:15: John McGreevy (UCSD): A 3d Ising Model with a Weakly-Coupled String Dual?
    ̣– Coffee
    ̣– 15:45 - 17:00: Sung-Sik Lee (McMaster/Perimeter): State-Dependent Spread of Entanglement in Relatively Local Hamiltonians
    ̣– Borrel at Polder

    More details including abstracts can be found on the D-ITP website.

A complete list of events can be found in our calendar.