This page contains information about workshops organized by members of our group.

String Theory and Cosmology: New Physics in the Era of Precision Cosmology (Gordon Research Conference)
near Barcelona, 16 to 21 June 2019
Organizers: J. P. van der Schaar, S. Sethi, L. Verde, B. Wandelt

Theoretical Approaches to Cosmic Acceleration
Lorentz Center, 3 to 7 July 2017
Organizers: A. Achucarro, R. Kallosh, A. Linde, D. Roest, J. P. van der Schaar, K. Schalm

Open Problems in Cosmology
ICTP São Paulo, 17 to 28 July 2017
Organizers: D. Baumann, P. Creminelli, D. Green, R. Porto, M. Zaldarriaga

Biased Tracers of Large-Scale Structure
Lorentz Center, 4 to 8 July 2016
Organizers: D. Baumann, E. Pajer, F. Schmidt