Cosmology seminars are usually held on the first and third Mondays of each month (unless otherwise noted), alternating with the GRAPPA seminars which take place on the second and fourth Mondays.  Unless noted otherwise:

  • Time: 11:00−12:00
  • Venue: C4.174

Seminar organizer: John Stout

Further events of interest are collected in our calendar.
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Fall 2019
  • Sep 16: Luca Visinelli, Probing the early universe with axion physics
  • Oct 7: Azadeh Maleknejad, Primordial SU(2) gauge fields and particle production in the early universe
  • Oct 10: Cora Uhlemann, A semiclassical path to cosmic large-scale structure
  • Oct 21: Vivian Poulin, The Trouble with Hubble: Signs of new physics?
  • Oct 31: Giovanni Cabass, The Likelihood for large-scale structure
  • Nov 4: Kfir Blum, Hunting for ultralight dark matter with galactic kinematics
  • Nov 18: Scott Melville, TBA
  • Dec 2: Elisa Ferreira, TBA
  • Dec 16: Davide Racco, TBA

Spring 2019
  • Jan 21: Simona Vegetti, Strong gravitational lensing as a clean observational probe of dark matter
  • Feb 04: Jan Steinhoff, Strong-gravity astrophysics, gravitational waves and scattering amplitudes
  • Feb 18: Yuko Urakawa, Infrared universality a la Weinberg: New perspective on inflation
  • Feb 19: Arthur Hebecker, De Sitter swampland conjectures and KKLT
  • Mar 18: James Bonifacio, Shift symmetries in (anti) de Sitter space
  • Apr 01: Elizabeth Krause, Cosmology with the Dark Energy Survey, and beyond
  • Apr 02: Azadeh Moradinezhad, Intensity mapping with emission lines as probes of primordial non-Gaussianity
  • Apr 15: Thomas van Riet, Do the no’s have it in the de Sitter exit?
  • Apr 29: Lavinia Heisenberg, Sensible roads for effective field theories of gravity
  • May 02: Valerie Domcke, Particle production in the early universe
  • May 06: Filippo Vernizzi, Dark energy after GW170817
  • May 20: David Stefanyszyn, Spontaneously broken spacetime symmetries and exceptional effective field theories
Fall 2018
  • Sep 24: Guilherme Pimentel, Bootstrapping inflationary fluctuations
  • Oct 01: Tim Dietrich, When neutron star (mimicker) merge: a multi-messenger picture
  • Oct 17: Bert Vercnocke, Quantum gravity in black hole observations?
  • Nov 05: Marko Simonovic, Modelling biased tracers at the field level
  • Nov 19: Lam Hui, Symmetries in large scale structure, dark matter and black holes
  • Dec 03: Silke Weinfurtner, Applications of the black hole-fluid analogy
Spring 2018
  • Feb 05: Christopher Berry, Gravitational-wave astronomy with LIGO and Virgo
  • Feb 19: Tommi Markkanen, Evaporation of de Sitter space
  • Mar 05: Jean-Luc Lehners, No smooth beginning for spacetime
  • Mar 12: Masahide Yamaguchi, Are redshift-space distortions actually a probe of growth of structure?
  • Apr 05: Mehrdad Mirbabayi, Inhomogeneous cosmology and topology
  • Apr 16: Claudia de Rham, Remaining positive
  • May 07: Donal O’Connell, The classical double copy
  • May 24: Gary Shiu, Some swampland conjectures and their cosmological applications
  • Jun 04: Maulik Parikh, The three laws of stretched future light cone mechanics
  • Jul 16: Gonzalo Palma, Reconstructing the inflationary landscape with cosmological data
Fall 2017
  • Aug 29:  Alex Vilenkin, Black holes from cosmic inflation
  • Sep 18:  Evangelos Sfakianakis, Preheating after multifield inflation with nonminimal couplings
  • Oct 16-18:  GRAPPA@5
  • Oct 19:  John Stout, Large fields and lattices
  • Nov 06:  Jonathan Frazer, Stochastic methods for inflation model building
  • Nov 20:  Blake Sherwin, CMB lensing: fundamental physics from maps of the invisible
  • Dec 04:  Clare Burrage, Cosmological scalar fields
  • Dec 18:  Walter Del Pozzo, Measuring the Hubble constant from gravitational waves observations
Spring 2017
  • Jan 10:  Rafael Porto, The music of the spheres: Probing spacetime with GWs
  • Jan 24:  Thomas Hertog, Holographic cosmology with squashed boundaries
  • Feb 06:  Sébastien Renaux-Petel, The geometrical destabilization of inflation
  • Feb 20:  Chiara Caprini, Cosmology with gravitational wave detection
  • Mar 06:  Giuseppe Dibitetto, About the (in)stability of stringy AdS vacua
  • Mar 20:  Lasha Berezhiani, Superfluid dark matter
  • Mar 28:  Fernando Quevedo, Recent developments on the large volume string scenario
  • Apr 03:  Diego Blas, Computing the PDF of large-scale structure in the mildly non-linear regime
  • Apr 20:  Toni Riotto, Gauge-invariant scales related to the vacuum instability of the Standard Model
  • May 08:  Kurt Hinterbichler, Massive and partially massless gravity
  • May 29:  Massimo Ricotti, Primordial black holes as the dark matter
  • Jun 19:  Luca Santoni, Stability of geodesically complete cosmologies
  • Jun 22:  Austin Joyce, Spin-2 scattering amplitudes and superluminality
Fall 2016
  • Sep 19:  Shahar Hadar, Gravity waves from Kerr/CFT
  • Oct 03:  Eugene Lim, How robust is inflation to inhomogeneous initial conditions?
  • Oct 20:  David Pirtskhalava, Relaxing the cosmological constant
  • Oct 26:  Djuna Croon, Cosmology with Goldstone bosons
  • Nov 07:  Steen Hannestad, Neutrino cosmology – Current status and future prospects
  • Nov 21:  Vitor Cardoso, Testing general relativity with gravitational waves
  • Dec 01:  Ashish Shukla, Symmetry constraints in inflation
  • Dec 05:  Florian Beutler, Cosmology with the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS)
  • Dec 19:  Nabil Iqbal, Generalized global symmetries and dissipative magnetohydrodynamics
  • Dec 22:  Beatrice Bonga, The quadrupole formula: A hundred years later
Spring 2016
  • Feb 04:  Guilherme Pimentel, An exact result for vacuum decay
  • Feb 18:  Julien Lesgourgues, High-precision cosmology and relic particles
  • Mar 07:  Atish Dabholkar, Weyl anomalies and cosmology
  • Mar 21:  Riccardo Penco, Effective string theory in a tank
  • Apr 04:  Matt Johnson, Constraining inflationary initial conditions
  • Apr 18:  Martin Sloth, Planckian interacting massive particles as dark matter
  • May 02:  Daan Meerburg, The future of primordial universe cosmology
  • May 17:  Gary Shiu, Weak gravity conjecture and inflation